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June 22, 2005




No one in their right mind could have handicapped ALLI correctly...I sure would not have paid a $1 plus premium to get in after the opening. As for BLDR...I bought a nice chunk at 15.60 today. Fundamentals always win out in the long run and this company seems to have positive ones going for them in spades. Your analysis was good...The markets are crazy!

steve brwon

Hi Yossi! I went with BLDR at 16.75 and ended at 15.44. What do you think will happen going forward? Should I hold or sell? I broke even at NRGP. AllI never made money and priced at the low end and shot up.
What are you going to charge for your service? I will be interested.


I don't know what will happen going forward it's sort of what makes all this fun eh:)......It seems the hedgies want to push this to a bxc valuation, personally I disagree but look at the dwa chart to see what well-funded hedgies can do short term....bldr doesn't have a fat yield going for it plus the heavy leverage and the thought that we're at the top of the bulding/construction market ====ubs running/hiding today and essentially letting the hedge funds take over. I remarked about this phenomenon intitially when ORBZ(since taken over) came public in 12/03---it was at the time a return on the 'ask' that I hadn't seen since 2000/2001(thus ending the biggest ipo freeroll of all-time!) and it's been there for a handful of offerings since, including oxps most recently---when I see action like this I tend to step aside and not re-enter without reason....I'll watch, someone wants to put this one down, I'm not well-funded and/or smart enough to get in their way.


Steve I've not decided yet, looking at August 1 for that, possibly further down the line: most important thing to me is to do this right, it's not about the $$$ I sincerely want to provide a service at a price point that subscribers can easily see value---I'm not going to ever make a significant amount of money off of membhership I don't think--and that's not something I'm shooting for having been making a living trading for as many years as I have.....My thinking is that it will be less than 2 discount broker trades per month which I think is fair.

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